« Learning or relearning to communicate is essential »

Carl Rogers
Abraham Maslow

In the sixties, Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow laid down the fundamentals of the aid relationship. For both psychologists, it is a question of fostering in each other a greater capacity to face life by mobilising one’s own resources.
They assume that each individual is unique and must therefore take his own path. To do this, the customer needs to develop new capacities and feel self-confident.
In this process, some elements are privileged:
Awareness, the present moment
Body feeling, emotions and communication
The objectives of personal development and fulfilment
The assistance should be brief and should help you in the appropriation of the process. The client becomes aware of his situation, his needs, his capacities, and then develops an action plan to move towards a more appealing situation.
Thereafter, the person will pursue her development independently, with full knowledge of her achievements and needs.
In this quest for well-being, it is important to benefit from other disciplines (sports, arts, meditation, medicine, ecology…) which can contribute to the development.

These activities give meaning to our life, with things like taking care of others, engaging oneself for a cause and having caring relationships. To do this, learning or relearning to communicate is essential.
The person who assists you would thus be able to help you, during the process, to gain awareness of certain restraints or blockages, to sharpen your perception, your body awareness and to develop your means of communication.

Each person being unique, our job is to adapt ourselves to each situation and to offer tailored support at every stage of the process.
We offer our clients an ecosystem of theoretical and human resources,

for them to achieve their performance and well-being objectives and for them to maintain this level of performance over the long term and spread it in their environment.
méristHemE enables you to access well-being and to maintain it independently
In theory
In practice