We do not fail in our obligations
Let’s introduce ourselves!

Where does the name méristHemE come from?
Comes from meristem.

A cellular tissue specialised in plant growth.
At first undifferentiated, the meristematic cells divide and differentiate by acquiring a structure and function.
One distinguishes:
  • Primary meristems: allow growth in length of the plant (stem, leaf and root).
  • Secondary meristems: allow growth in width of certain plants (such as trunk).
Incredibly, meristems allow infinite growth of the plant!
We believe that, like plants, each of us has the ability to improve and achieve his goals.
For this purpose, we need to be aware of our capacities to develop in a unique way.
There is no reason to limit ourselves, our growth is infinite. It is up to us to make it sustainable and evolutive.
What about us, where do we come from?
Each member of our team has their own background, with their experiences and personal growth.
And that is what, for us, is the richness of what we offer you.
Professional RNCP certified Coach & Innovation Manager
Professional certified coach & Director of the méristHemE Madagascar subsidiary
CEO & CIQ consultant
Communication manager & NLP consultant
Marketing manager
Translation manager