Agile, you said agile...

When it comes to making decisions, implementing actions, developing motivation or being a role model, people turn towards the leader. No matter the challenge, the leader must lead the other members of the group towards their objective. So no matter the obstacles, be sure to have all the assets to overcome them.
Business manager?
Team manager?
Definitely the leader! !
Work. Develop. Progress.
Your leadership skills are the foundation that will allow you to remove all obstacle, regain performance or even overcome challenges. Don’t neglect them and practice with the right methods to ensure that every situation has its solution.
Agile. Uncompromising.
Becoming a successful leader leader is not an easy task. There are many boxes to tick to guide your teams towards performance and, let’s admit it, they are misleading. Every action resulting in a reaction, it is necessary to know how to adapt and act accordingly to every event or situation. By becoming an agile leader, you will learn to understand how your leadership styles affect the contect you live in, and little by little, you will master all styles in order to meet any need.
An uncertain environment? A scalable environment?
An unwavering leader!

A company is a living group whose needs vary according to its stage of growth.

The environment, the context, the events are all factors that influence the company’s performance.

The humans who make up the company have very different aspirations, motivators and modes of operation.

Nevertheless, only one thing does not change: the company, its raison d’être and its entire value chain must continue to perform to ensure its sustainability.
Our assistance content is customized by the results of profile evaluations: your assistance does not look like the one of your colleague, you do not have the same strengths, profiles, motivators or styles.
At the end of this assistance, you will have learned more about:
Your behavioral style
Your main, situational and indifferent driving forces
Your emotional quotient level
Your dominant leadership style
Your key leadership skills
Opportunities for progress in each area
The stage of your business development and leadership requires at this stage
Progress directions to prioritize
The leader’s 4 rules. Never 3 without 4.
"A good leader knows himself well"
The TTI Success Insights® tools we use in the beginning of the assistance enable to highlight your:
  • Talents
  • Abilities
  • Knowledge
  • Beliefs
  • Values
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"A good leader does not only have one leadership style, but severa"
This is the core of this assistance. méristHemE helps you develop your leadership styles so that you can use the right one at the right time.
"A good leader knows what role he has in the team"
Our Stages of growth™ support allows you to learnhow to analyze situations and understand challenges associated with them.
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"A good leader creates a good atmosphere to work in"
We will provide you with our expertise in Conversational Intelligence® so that you can build a team climate directed towards results.
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A leader knows how to adapt in order to effectively manage his employees and the work organization while keeping in sight the strategy and objectives of the company.
A good leader.
For you.
For us.
méristHemE will assist you throughout the development and maintaining of the following skills:
  • Diagnosing challenges facing your company and team an identifying the right leadership style to respond effectively to them
  • Clarifying upstream situations to target development areas with your company’s growth stages
  • Understanding and mastering the different leadership styles in order to create an alignment of your employees with the values and issues to be raised
  • Knowing how to inspire, motivate, guide and help others to establish a climate of trust and therefore a sustainable well-being, and the guarantee of performance
The benefits of the ‘Becoming an agile leader’ offer.

Acquiring well-being for different leadership styles suited for your team and your company’s growth stage.

Humanizing the company by having better knowledge of oneself and of the team.

Working to the success of your company through personal development as a leader.

Taking ownership of personal development tools that enable you to become an agile leader.

Getting out of your comfort zone with self-confidence, awareness of your skills and better self-knowledge.

Understanding that becoming a good leader starts by getting to know oneself better, understanding the importance of one’s role and function in the team and organization and finally, acquiring well-being in one’s function.
méristHemE offers you a range of tools and skills to ensure structured assistance and independent monitoring of your development.
The methodology of the assistance in summary:

  • Complementarity coaching, advice, formation
  • Assistance over 4 steps following our process, divided into 10 sessions
Expected results:

  • Mastery of leadership styles
  • Customer comfort and serenity in carrying out actions
  • Personal development
  • Confidence in yourself and your project
  • Mastery of skills development and personal development tools
  • Knowing how to mnage your well-being
But also:
Assessment of your profile and needs using the 8 keys to well-being and TTI® Success Insights assessments
The professionalism of assistance staff qualified and certified for the use of TTI®, Stages of growth™, coach RNCP and C-IQ® tools
Dedicated LMS formation supporting the theoretical content of the assistance and unlimited access to the resources available on our platform
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