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méristHemE supports you to emerge your solutions
We will therefore support you throughout the development of your resources and your independence
Understanding your situation
Where are you today?
What is your situation?
Which important need is not fulfilled?
What is the desired?
Setting your goal
Where would you like to go?
Understanding what is important to you.
Which specific need should you fulfil?
Take action (trials/mistakes)
What do you need in order to move forward?
How can you fulfil your needs? (Who? What? When? Where?)
What are you strengths?
Acquiring new capacities.
Strengthen your self-esteem.
Providing feedback
Verify the breakthrough of your project
Identify your satisfactions/pleasures/motivations.
Strengthen your capacities.
Adjusting your objectives and your actions.
We have also planned the process so that it can adapt to both a main objective and intermediate session goals.
Thus, in each of the ten sessions, you set a goal. In order to achieve this goal, you will apply the process in a micro version.
Through the repetition of the process during the sessions, you will eventually have gone through a macro iteration of the process for your main goal.
The repetition of the process will enable you to embrace and acquire automatisms, which is essential for the desired independence.