Sustainable : Having the conditions to last, which demonstrates stability and consistency over time

of employees round off their contracts witin the first 18 months.
20 000 to 200 000 €
This is the average cost of a failed recruitment according to:
  • The responsibility level of the position
  • The nature of the position
  • The time the candidate held the position
  • Compensation
of recruitments are considered difficult by recruiters. This figure rises to 33% when it comes to executives or engineers.
Today, employees’ and companies’ well-being are not always linked.
Recruitment criteria are evolving and sustainability and well-being aspects appear to be at the heart of both employees’ and employers’ concerns.
of questioned persons believe that
should be the first criterion for recruitment.
is the measure with the greatest impact on
at work.
Pour 3/4 of the leaders,
the QLW* will be meaningful in the future.
*(Quality of Work Life)
of employees involved in their company’s CSR* initiative would recommend their employer.
*(Corporate Social Responsibility)
Employees who share
the company’s culture
are 48% more
of recruitors believe that
sustainability is the greatest leadership challenge for companies today.
Recruitment is essential for
a company
It is about finding the best fitting person for the needs of a defined position and, above all, it is about embodying the meeting of 2 projects: the company's vision and a person's life project.
méristHemE assists you in clarifying your need, evaluating your decision-making and reaching your recruitment objectives.
Our Sustainable Recruitment process
Identification and description
  • Job benchmarking: setting a job listing with 5 to 8 of the closest employees and a méristHemE facilitator (count 2 hours on site)
Objective descripition
  • Drafting the job description
  • Ideal TTI profile editing for the positions with the help of our partners’ tools (DISC, 12DF, Acumen), which will serve as basis for comparing candidates
Prospecting, selection and decision
  • Prospecting – broadcasting the job description
  • Selection- application recruitment phase
    • Application study
    • Preselecting of candidates based on the applications
    • Sending TTI tests to the selected candidates
    • Comparing the results with the ideal profile defined in Phase 1
    • Second selection of candidates
  • Decision – phase of recruitment on interview
    • Interview of selected candidates
    • Estimating of the needed assistance to match the ideal profile (relying on strengths and improving weaknesses through an individual méristHemE coaching)
    • Third selection
  • Hiring and evalutation
    • Taking office
    • méristHemE individual assistance for integration within the company
    • End-of-recruitment evaluation
    • Tripartite interview
With our offer, you benefit from:
A know-how in setting up a CSR and ethical approach
Access to our partner’s tools to measure ‘soft skills’ in order to find the best combination of skills and compentencies
The méristHemE assistance, which combines standards and personalisation throughout the implementation of sustainable well-being
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