Ready for change?

This section is for anyone who wants to develop their skills and facilitate adaption to new situations.
The first steps of your assistance
The aim of this test is to make a very simple observation of your current state and become aware of the ways in which you are working towards your desired state. The results will allow a more productive opening towards coaching and the phone call.
The questions scan the 8 keys to well-being (according to méristHemE), allowing you to become aware of your current state and of what you would like to improve. The resulting diagram is the beginning of a more in-depth personal reflection for you and will be the basis of your assistance for us.

This survey will in deed allow us to best fulfil your expectations and mobilise the resources you need, respecting your pace and in accordance with our code of ethics.
The 8 keys of well-being are :
Time management
Dcision making
Project management
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