Their expertise to support you

During an assistance, you direct yourself towards a solution requiring specific knowledge or technical advice. The adequate specialist will bring you this knowledge and will provide you with this advice, enabling you to progress for the achievement of your actions towards your goal.
The pairing of coach and specialists enables a better holistic approach of well-being.
Working with a coach offers a reassuring and effective framework for questioning and action planning.
Working with specialists helps to meet the needs raised by this questioning and action planning in the physical, intellectual and spiritual fields.
How does it work?
During an assistance

and to meet your need, the coach offers you to do a session with one of our specialists. This session will be included in your pack.
Excluding our assistance

you still feel the need to gain more knowledge in a field and therefore contact the corresponding specialist. This is not included in your pack and is therefore subject of a new contract between you and your new contact.